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Providing personalized help, referral, advisory, health care facilities and care services centered on helping you find an assisted living facility in Colorado that meets your specific needs.  The home are located throughtout Colorado and our services cover many aspects of the search, selection, touring, and final placement into a home. Any consultation or service we provide is FREE of charge to ALL persons receiving assisted living help from us. We provide assistance for any assisted living facility in Colorado. If you are not satisfied with a home option then consider an in-home care plan. Ask about care options and rate information.

Our network of providers, caregivers, homes and assisted living professionals are trained, certified & licensed
in family assistance, care management and facility management. Our Family of Care and Support providers
extends to employees, living facilities, and independent contractors.

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When Is The Right Time For Assisted Living - Memory Care in Lakewood Colorado?

Making A Common Sense Decision

The decision to move into an assisted living facility, nursing home or group home could be one of the most difficult decisions you and your family will make when it comes to making major decisions relating to the health and stability of someone you and your family care about. With open communications with family members and the primary individual being consulted, you can be sure the decisions made are best for everyone involved in the process.  

Step One is the most important and is a decision that needs to be clearly answered and once a decision is made, the family needs to make a plan and stick with the decision. Second guessing can be harmful to the individual (person needing care) and can cause disruption within the family if you are continually changing your mind. When discussing this with the individual, much care needs to be taken when presenting them with an alternative living arrangement than they have been accustomed. The questions are pretty simple, “is my loved one safe and secure in their current living arrangement”? Is he or she taking full care of themselves? If these questions have arisen, then the time for transitioning into assisted living is closer than you may have previously thought.

There are many warning signs to consider that will let you know if you need to consider a health care facility or home care or other personal services such as companion care or reminder services.  Some warning signs may be subtle and seemingly meaningless. Be honest with yourself and your loved one about the potential for harm if he or she does not seek professional help. It is important to differentiate between real warning signs and simple problems that come with aging.   

Common Signs To Look For

There are several signs that are helpful to determine whether an assisted living facility is the best decision for the family to make.  

A common sign that it may be time to consider assisted living is if your loved one has an increasing lapse in memory, confusion or associated indecision when it comes to feeding oneself and taking medications. The elderly usually rely on several medications to maintain quality of life. Driving to the store and forgetting what they went for in the first place. Making irrational decisions that would normally be common place.

Forgetfulness when it comes to medications can be a major warning sign. Forgetting to take a pill or taking two that should have been one. Safety is a concern for all involved. Check with a doctor to learn of harmful affects that may be caused by not taking or abusing medications.  

Another serious consideration for assisted living is usually after a precipitous decline in the physical or mental health or an individual. Many times a fall or medical procedure or other medical crisis can weaken a older person, which could put them in such as condition that they cannot take daily responsibility for themselves.  Sometimes the medical condition may not be frequently monitored, and with a decline in health, any near term improvement may be impossible or even dangerous to the individual.  Without effective monitoring a further deterioration or death could result.

A very common sign and the hardest to come to terms with is loneliness and depression. Though it may not seem to be life threatening depression can take a toll on an aging body and could quicken the pace of decline in the elderly. An assisted living facility can offer social activities and the chance to make new friends. If your loved one is needy, lonely and obviously depressed then please seek alternatives so they can have a chance to live out their last few years as happy as possible. Phones calls and request for help are not generally accompanied with this sign but is a true indication of need if the requests are being expressed. Take these request for help or attention seriously.

Many times your loved one may be mentally sound but a chronic physical condition may make care at home impossible. Home care is much more expensive than an assisted living facility though may be the best alternative. Just because a person is not suffering a mental decline they may be perfect candidates for assisted living. The assisted living option should be discussed openly and honestly with the person knowing that an informed decision is best for all involved.  

In closing, what it boils down to, is another question: “Would my loved one be better off or lead a more meaningful life in an assisted living home compared to the current living arrangement? Ask yourself if the person will be better off in a year from now than they are today. All these signs can have different meanings to different people, but the bottom line is whether the overall health and safety of the individual is best served with daily professional assistance and community social experience of a living facility in Colorado or maintaining the status quo.


Memory Care - Dementia - Alzheimer's Assisted Living Help & Denver Facility Advisory Services

Free Assisted Living Help, Locator and Advisory Services
General education on assisted living facilities in Colorado, their amenities, options, specialties, availability etc. Review and Assessment of personal needs, Financial condition and options, Identifying family needs and goals, Match facilities which best meet current and future health conditions, Overview of homes to determine which ones you would like to visit, Schedule appointments for facility tours, Communicate with your doctor, advocate, or healthcare provider to compile all needed paperwork to get into a long term residential care facility.

Companion Services
Companion services include assistance with daily tasks, transportation to appointments, activities or shopping. We match companions with the elder or disabled adult to become a reliable friend to person in need. Helping individuals by enriching the lives of those at risk of depression and being socially isolated.

Respite Care Services
Need a break? Time off? Extra help?
Respite care service provider for caregivers and families in Colorado. Providing respite services in greater metro Denver, CO to elderly seniors and disabled adults.

Veterans benefits
Get the maximum allowed under VA long term care and disability. Helping vets find assisted living housing. Veterans Administration funding and long term care service availbility and help with getting you the maximum amount of money allowed under the VA.

Medicaid support
If you need basic Medicaid help, whether getting started processing the paperwork or finding a Medicaid certified facility, we can help you get started. Medicaid, unlike Medicare, Medicaid is not concerned with an individuals work history. Medicaid eligibility depends on financial needs. Medicaid has many guidelines that an individual must meet. He or she must be 65 years of age or considered disabled. Persons receiving SSI of at least $699 per month are automatically eligible. Assuming a person has no home or other major assessts like a stock protfolio, they may be eligible after savings falls below $2,000. If these minimum requirments are not met they may be eligible for Old Age Pension (OAP) through the State of Colorado.

In-home Care
Home health services provide what is called custodial care / companion care in domestic settings. Duties are similar to those of nurses in a hospital and professional maids. Professionals who deliver care to primary residents in their home are employed either by independent for-profit home-care agencies, SLS agencies, or assisted living service agencies. Personal care attendants (caregivers) can also be hired privately by individuals needing care. It more difficult to evaluate an employee's specific background and credentials when he or she is not associated with a certified agency.

Your Family's Special Needs
Talk with us about a special need.  You can always be assured that if there is a facility in Colorado that fit your needs we will find it for you. Our goal is to find you the right place to live while knowing it's the most appropriate match for the long term. Our assisted living consultants can help most any need.


Why Choose Memory Care Assisted Living in Lakewood Colorado

Assisted living can perform various levels of care depending on the facility. Memory Care in Lakewood can be a great experience. The facilities are categorized by the number of residents each allows, large traditional or small family-like. If paying to have living assistance provided to an adult, "assisted living" covers almost every aspect of the living experience depending on the particular facility. Dual levels of care in same location serve to accommodate an individual's declining health needs or that of a spouse's to help minimize need for relocating. Our facilities allow individuals to age in place with the maximum amount of privacy.

Seniors that require assistance in daily activities and wish to live as independently as possible should consider an assisted living facility or in-home family care attendant. Many assisted living residences offer services through end-of-life with having to be moved to another location. Some assisted living residences have specialty services specifically designed for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care or other specific related needs.

There are three general types of Assisted Living Homes in Colorado: private pay, alternative care facilities (assisted living residences that are Medicaid certified) and residential treatment facilities for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. There are about over 500 Assisted Living Homes in Colorado in Colorado. Any assisted living residence caring for 3 or more residents must be licensed. A Host Home with 1 - 2 residents is not allowed to be licensed. The Host Home assisted living option is the most intimate and personable senior living experience. However, some of the larger homes have many more choices for socialization and other activities. We help make proper placement for your loved one.

Cost of assisted living residence's vary depending of the level of care needed and type and style of the residence from single family homes with only a few residents, to large communities with hundreds of residents. Ask what additional services are included in the costs such as medication administration and transportation. Most Assisted Living Homes in Colorado have some structure for levels of care established with a corresponding fee schedule. They might include a certain amount of care in this base rent limited to about 30 minutes/daily. The levels of care might be described as minimal, moderate, and maximal or as care assist and care enhanced. It's very important to not be misled by the headline cost (rent). Some living facilities do not include have many services such as medication administration and transportation.

Most residents privately pay the cost for care from their own financial resources. A residential living agreement is signed, as someone would when renting an apartment or home. Consider sharing a room to reduce costs or perhaps moving away from the high rent district. Several long- term care insurance plans and some state Medicaid programs may also reimburse a certain amount of these health services provided. Learn more about the cost for assisted living and strategies to make assisted living affordable.

We specialize in helping families with memory care assisted living residences from small group homes
to intermediate sized and large Alzheimer's facilities, with placement, all along the Front Range.


Four demographic trends that will shape elderly people's lives over the next few years: advances in nutrition and medical sciences, , Medicaid, better trained and experienced caregivers, more diversified and customized living facilities. These and other factors have contributed to people growing older, the growing number of elderly in Colorado. Many elderly seniors are living longer and more active lives while enjoying better facilities, more personal choices, and better care options than prior generations.

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